Married But Horny 7


No Strings Attached.. 


Hi, I'm Jasmine. I'm a cheating wife, but it is okay, my husband and I have an arrangement! We can do our own thing as long as there are no strings attached! My friends are all doing the same, it's not that we are sluts... we just enjoy a certain freedom from the hubby. When the urge to fuck becomes intense and I feel that tingle in my pussy, I know I just have to do it... This is the easiest thing for me. You see, I have got this super rack... it's never difficult for me to find a guy with a hard dick. I'll try to have a blind date, and then we'll go to his place. At this point I can't wait anymore. He will squeeze my boobs and lick them. Then I'll get rammed while my jugs sway and bounce; I might even let him fuck my ass. Usually I'll ask him to drip his load in my cleavage, and I will lick it all over my smooth skin. See, no risk, no strings attached.

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