50 Guy Cream Pie #7


No Clean-Up Allowed!


This is a story about Jenny. She's the kind of girl that believes... if one is good, and two is better, then 50 should be unbelievable! Especially when it come to men. She's a horny, horny girl, a nympho in fact and she's just not satisfied with a simple threesome or silly orgy. She wants a pussy pounding, anal reaming, cum soaked gang bang! Super-sexy Kristine needs as many guys shoving their big, hard cocks in her that she can find. But that's not all. Kristine needs to feel all the guys pumping their hot cum load into her asshole, her cunt and all over her pretty face. Kristine...she knows what she likes and she definitely knows how to do it!

Genre: All Sex, Interactive, Multi-Angle.